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Suspension training is one of the most interesting types of training that you can opt for at this point. It is an extraordinary way to train your body, keep it in shape and enjoy your time. And the best thing about it is that you have lots of options to exercise properly. TRX Training is the type of exercising that you can do anywhere since it delivers portable units that you can take with you regardless of the situation. You will need to do the TRX exercises 3 times per week. In case you are a beginner, 2 sets of each move performed for around 30 seconds will be more than ok.

Inverted row

This exercise requires you to stay under the TRX, and you need to have the knees bent. The handles need to be over the chest, the palms have to face each other, and the arms need to be extended. You will also need to have the elbows bent, and you have to pull the torso until the core region is at the same level as your knees. You have to do 3 reps of 30 seconds each.

 Inverted Row


Hamstring pull-in

At this point, you need to stay with your heels placed in the TRX Training foot cradles, and your upper back needs to be on the floor. Make sure that you lift your hips in order to make sure that the body is aligned. As for the exercise, the idea is to bend the knees and pull the handles towards you. 3 reps, 30 seconds each will be more than ok.

 Triceps extension

This exercise will need you to be a bit away from the TRRX, and the feet have to be apart a little bit. You have to lean forward, and the handles need to be grasped right in front of your face. Try to extend your arms and come back to the starting position.

Tricep Extension

High curls

Once you start this TRX Training exercise, you will see that the high curls are magnificent. You have to stay away from the TRX, and the legs need to be apart. Move towards the front, put the handles towards your face and then extend the arms.


This TRX Training method needs you to stand with your face away from the TRX, and the left food needs to be added in the TRX unit. Remember that the system is designed to be very efficient and it works seamlessly since you just have to bend the knees forward with the utmost efficiency. It helps a lot, and it does bring in front a resounding value for your time.


As you can see, doing TRX Training is amazing, and it can bring in front an excellent result if you do it properly. Don’t hesitate and consider checking out this great exercise, as it will help you quite a bit. In order to perform these exercises correctly, don’t hesitate and try out this great TRX Training Kit, as it can provide you with the guidance and help you need. Try it out; you will not regret it!

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