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5 Upcoming Fitness Trends for 2017

It seems that the beginning of a new year signals new fitness trends that will become the talk of the town. The 2017 fitness trends appear to follow in the tradition of previous years by providing a new way to lose weight and get into shape.

The good news is that the upcoming fitness trends represent mostly a simpler, direct form of exercise that offers long-term benefits.


Walking is arguably the oldest exercise, but it is one that is returning to favor thanks in part to Millennials who have less money to purchase gym equipment or attend health centers. However, walking is accessible to everyone and all you need are a good pair of shoes. Plus, walking can be combined with other exercise routines that makes it highly versatile.

Walking workout

Intuitive Training

Intuitive Eating was a trend a few years ago, and now we have Intuitive Training which is setting a workout plan based on how your body feels that day. There is no singular exercise that you should do, but rather it should be based on how you are feeling on that day. So, if you are feeling tired, a light yoga or exercise session is probably right while on more energetic days you can tackle a more intense routine.

Self-Limited Movement

Last year, it was crossfit. For 2017 fitness trends, it’s self-limited movement. It’s all about the form in how you move correctly that lets your body lose the excess fat and gain muscle tone. For those who sit most of the day, the imbalances created can cause you to move incorrectly. So, self-limited movement teaches you to move in the right manner can create better opportunities to build up muscle tone. Climbing, crawling, and carrying large items can help restore the balance.

The Fitness Vacation

The trend towards vacations devoted to getting into better shape is not a new one, but it will become considerably more prominent in 2017. There are innumerable retreats that are dedicated to a wide variety of different exercises from yoga to hiking and more. If you have an interest in a specific exercise method, there is probably a retreat or a vacation package that is built around it. The fitness vacation is a good way to jump start an exercise program so that you can stay fit for the rest of the year.

Fitness vacation

Customized Classes

It was not long ago that boot camps provided the motivation and intensity needed for a good workout. Today, it’s customized classes that can work on your troubling areas and get you in good physical condition. We are even seeing gyms that specialize in training for outdoor obstacle courses such as Tough Mudder, Spartan Races, or even American Ninja Warrior. These unconventional training methods that are used by elite athletes are becoming more popular amongst average people as they keep workouts fun and challenging. It’s one of the hotter fitness trends simply because you are adding what you feel is needed that the customized class can address.

The upcoming fitness trends for 2017 will be greeted with much anticipation from those who are looking for a new way to get into shape and drop the pounds.

There will no doubt be more fitness trends that will pop up over the year, but these five show considerable promise in terms of their popularity.

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