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5 Ultimate Chest Workouts Techniques

While having large biceps and triceps are a great achievements, these mean ultimately nothing if one has a small chest. Quite simply, large arms don’t look the same if you don’t have the chest to match. Below, you can find five techniques for the best chest workout.

1. Barbell Bench Press

Ultimately, you’re able to generate a larger amount of power with barbell lifts so it only makes sense that to grow your chest, you should do barbell bench presses to move the most amount of weight possible and increase the amount of muscle in your chest.

Bench Press

2. Low-Incline Barbell Bench Press

How is this different than normal barbell bench presses? Well, this exercise especially works to build you upper chest. While other bench presses are performed at a steep angle, low-incline bench presses have the benefits of using barbells and a smaller incline so that you can build the muscles of your upper chest with less stress on other parts of your body.

3. Chest Press

If you’re looking to specifically work on your pecs rather than your delts, then you should consider using the chest press machine at your gym. With this, you can truly slow down and focus on your workout because the machine doesn’t put stress on your aforementioned delts.

4. Dips

While nobody likes doing dips, they can be incredibly beneficial for building your chest. To focus on this area, you need to raise your feet in the air and lean forward. Your elbows should span out beside you as you dip down.


Compared to previously mentioned exercises, this really works your lower chest rather than your upper chest and it can be a great way to end your workout; however, most people end up exhausted after an hour at the gym so you may want to begin your workout with this exercise if you’re going to be too burned out.

5. Bench Cable Fly

Here, we should focus more on the inclined bench cable fly. With this exercise, you’ll be keeping stress and tension throughout your chest and joints while you pull the cables and it’s a great way to isolate your pecs.

You should be extremely careful with pulling exercises on the upper chest like the cable crossover low to high, fast movements can strain your upper pec muscle.

Having a large chest is the ultimate goal for any gym-goer; actually, it’s the ultimate goal for most people. There are exercises that you can do, however, to give yourself the perfect chest is by isolating the muscles of your pecs.

The typical exercises to add resistance to these basic movements include the bench press, dumbbell press, dumbbell fly, cable crossover, and the push-up. But they’re by no means the only options

Not sure if you’d rather use free weights or machines? Read This.

After your workout you will need a good, fast absorbing protein like whey and some simple carbs such as a banana to help your upper chest begin its building process. 1 – 2 hours after your workout you should eat a full meal to continue the muscle growing phase.

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